Секрет популярности Wordpress для создания информационных сайтов

WordPress is a frequent choice of developers for creating information portals. This system has deservedly won the place of the leader in this niche, and why – let’s figure it out together right now!

A Brief History of WordPress

CMS WordPress refers to proven development. It was created in 2001. Many administrators and webmasters have been dealing with it for a long time, preferring to remain faithful to it. Although there is another opinion related to the fact that WordPress has a lot of shortcomings.

The system is promoted by programmers from different parts of the world. There is no CEO, although the trade name is owned by The WordPress Foundation. An interesting fact is that this non-profit organization was founded specifically to keep the product available free of charge to anyone who needs it.

WordPress add-ons are developed by many different organizations, some of which earn millions of dollars from plugins.

To date, 1/3 of all resources on the Web work on this system. They prefer WordPress because of its ease of use to create a new site, as well as its further use. Using a number of commercial templates and plugins, you can create any information portal, and some programmers manage to implement even online stores on the WordPress platform. The last decision is controversial, because, if we analyze the situation, it is better to give preference to CMS OpenCart with a number of proposed modules for the implementation of online trading.

WordPress Core

Speaking about the specialization of WordPress, it is worth noting that it is better to develop websites on this platform:

  • information and news topics;
  • blogs;
  • business cards and portfolios;
  • business focus.

The main benefits of WordPress

As mentioned above, webmasters prefer WP, for this reason, we suggest starting with the strengths of the system, and only then we will mention its shortcomings.

WordPress Pricing

The engine can be downloaded on the Web for free. Naturally, this parameter will attract a lot of attention from an audience interested in creating their own information portal, in which at first there is no desire to invest in due to the lack of confidence in its success in the future.

The platform may well exist without receiving monetary reinforcements from the owner. Only if you want not a simple blog, but something more serious, you will have to take care of developing a site for WP. The solution of the problem will not result in a tidy sum, properly selected plugins will help to cope with the implementation of most requirements, which our specialists will help to deal with.

Speed ​​of work

It only takes 4 minutes to get your WordPress website up and running. If you cooperate with other hosting owners, you need to have a little more time at your disposal. But, whatever one may say, the resource on WP starts up and works fast enough.


Working with WordPress is a pleasure for beginners, because the developers took care of having a logical interface and its friendly format. There should be no problems with navigation on the site, in fact, as well as with adding data to it.

Everything is very simple – you read what is indicated on the button and click on it if you want to perform its function. You can make decisions without having to read manuals, relying on intuition.

Developed WordPress as a blogging platform. Despite the improvements made to it over 10 years, the basis and principle of operation remained the same. For this reason, all blog builders prefer to work with WordPress.

Based on our practice, we can say that maintaining and creating sites on WordPress is much easier than doing it on other engines. The platform is especially liked by beginners who are just mastering this niche, especially since our customers can always rely on Lobster website developers who are ready to provide reliable assistance.

Adaptation for smartphones

The trend of adapting sites for smartphones and mobile gadgets has not bypassed WordPress. This option is enabled by default on the system. The theme is basic and ready to function with different permissions. If the task is to build an information site on WordPress, our specialist will easily complete it, ensuring that the audience with tablets and smartphones can use it comfortably. The interface will be transferred to users of mobile devices in accordance with the author’s idea.

Themes and Plugins Database

When mentioning the issue of basic themes and plugins for WordPress, it is important to note that third-party developers are working on them, but this is not a reason to believe that the product is of poor quality. The blog owner needs to pay for themes, but only if they want to make their site different from others. At the first stages, you can use the standard visual.

As for plugins, we do not recommend abandoning them. There are a number of options when this is simply not possible. With the help of plugins, you can significantly expand the capabilities of the engine. Often used by our Jetpack developers. This plugin is responsible for the security of the portal. He will not allow the actions of scammers on the Web, who set the goal of hacking the site or launching viruses into it.

Equally useful is the bbPress plugin. With its help, we will make a forum on the site, and Akismet will be useful in order to automatically control comments on the resource, which will allow us to track the presence of spam in messages.

The base of plugins is expanding with enviable regularity. If we analyze the situation, we can say that they come out almost every week. Our webmasters, who place high demands on the development of information portals, know a number of valuable and practical ways that allow you to use not only the basic features of WP, but also create unique products.

SEO optimization of an information resource on the web

No less attention deserves such a parameter as the friendliness of search engines in relation to the information resource. Experienced SEO specialists have a positive attitude towards the WordPress engine, noting that this platform is well-positioned to the realities and trends in website promotion.

Useful for this purpose will be Yoast SEO and Jetpack plugins, as well as similar developments. Lobster studio specialists will install them in accordance with all requirements. The plug-ins are based on valuable tools that allow you to successfully optimize the content on the site for the requirements of the leading search engines on the Web. Also, with their help, it is possible to embed keywords and markups demanded by users in texts. In general, they are aimed at ensuring that the resource on WordPress is loyally regarded by search robots. Do not underestimate such plugins, because if not for them, it would take a lot of time to optimize. Our developers like it better when the engine takes on most of the responsibilities, removing a number of concerns from customers about promoting the portal in the future.

Independent Content

All materials that are based on WordPress do not have a structural connection with the visual representation of the resource. This is a useful solution if the site will change brand, design, style and other attributes in the future. Pages and entries will remain in place, nothing that is at the disposal of the owner will be lost, including the working tools of the resource developers. It is permissible to change the portal, despite the radical nature of the decision made.

Open source project

This option allows you to use the WordPress code as you wish – change it, improve it or degrade it. The same can be said about plugins. This solution allows the owner to save on investments in the project. There are many interesting ready-made codes on the Web that help extend the functionality of WordPress. We will add them to your site on the appropriate engine so that the client can use the resource to its full potential!

Support from a large Russian-speaking community

WordPress on Runet is in great demand, which allows you to find support from experienced like-minded people on the Web and ask them for advice if necessary. On the thematic forums, reviews of new plugins appear with an assessment of their pros and cons. Also, Lobster studio specialists are always in touch with their customers and are ready to help if necessary.

Disadvantages of WordPress

You can’t refuse objectivity to our webmasters, so even such a popular platform as WordPress, they found flaws. Let’s name them right now!

Limited basic tools

There is no backup in the basic version, which does not allow you to create a backup copy of the project. To save data, you need to make an effort to find the right plugin.

Incompatibility updates

If there are a number of plugins on the site, you may encounter “bugs” after one of the tools passes the update stage. This will result in the page being unable to open due to an error being detected. If the engine is updated, it is fraught with a lack of full compatibility with themes and plugins, which will result in big problems with the site as a whole. Experienced users of WordPress sites know that if a 500 error appears, there is nothing left but to “roll back” to the previous version in emergency mode. Lobster studio specialists will help resolve this situation with minimal losses for the portal user.

Weak project security

The open source WordPress may be one of the advantages of the engine, but this feature of it negatively affects the vulnerability of the project. In addition, the popularity of the system on the Web attracts the attention of hackers, which only patches from WordPress developers can resist. For this reason, Lobster studio specialists prefer to deal with closed-source CMS, because they are less susceptible to attacks.

No support

As already mentioned, the development of the WordPress engine is done by enthusiasts. In case of a mistake, you can ask for help on the forum, but if there is no acceptable solution there, you need to be prepared for serious complications in completing the task in the form of self-learning programming languages, turning to Google and trying to personally resolve the situation. It is quite possible to compensate for this shortcoming by contacting our development team.

Not suitable for online stores and commercial projects

The main reason why WordPress is not recommended for developing online stores and commercial resources is the fact that the engine is not synchronized with the 1C accounting system. You can implement this option, but only if you have certain abilities and skills in the field of programming. The service is not cheap. It would be more expedient to build a commercial project directly on OpenCart. Lobster studio specialists have experience in performing these tasks, and we are ready to suggest the right solution to the client.

Summing up

From the foregoing, we can conclude that WordPress is a simple and convenient engine for implementing information projects, which is completely unprofitable for creating commercial sites. It is deservedly in high demand on the web, and its pros and cons often overlap, offsetting each other.

CMS is in demand not only by users, but also by hackers who send viruses to it. Thanks to open source, you can regularly expand the capabilities of the system, but this can cause frequent crashes due to updates to themes and plugins. Like it or not, there are no perfect CMS, and if you are interested in development of a quality website on WordPress, our team will assist in the achievement of this task. We are professionals in the field of programming and are ready to take on a project of any complexity!

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