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Разработка сайтов под ключ | Веб студия Lobster
Разработка сайтов под ключ | Веб студия Lobster
Разработка сайтов под ключ | Веб студия Lobster

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Lobster - website development agency: Creation of websites

In the modern world, we cannot imagine our life without the Internet. The Internet is the engine of progress! We live on the Internet, have fun, study, work. Today it is difficult to imagine a world without work on the Internet. If your business is not there, you do not keep up with the times, do not develop and grow. We can help you with this. Our job is to help establish your business on the Internet, increase sales, create your corporate identity, make it special, unlike others. Attract an audience of literal and potential customers. IT Lobster Studio is ready to help you develop websites of any complexity. Let’s talk more about this and take a closer look at our skills, capabilities and benefits.

Website as a tool for selling your services and products

The website is the face of your company. But it’s not just a pretty cover with pictures. A good, high-quality site filled with semantic load, useful information, well-built architecture will help you sell your services and products in a matter of minutes. Your website is your tool to help build your name. This is the key to a world where you can show your best. This is a powerful machine that only moves you forward into the future.

The correct approach to ordering a website from a web agency

Let’s talk about what approach the customer should have when ordering a site. When you decide that you want to order a website from a web studio, you should take it as seriously as possible. And this means that you should already know what you want to get at the output and what your goal is. It is imperative to study the market of competitors, to study other sites that appeal to you, this will help you correctly compose a technical task for our developers. This issue must be taken very responsibly to the smallest detail. It is important! The quality and result of the work performed depends on this. Thus, our web studio will be able to correctly and efficiently spend the budget and time for the development of the project.

Order a website from a web agency or a freelancer?

What is a freelancer? Answering this question, we can safely say that not all freelancers are bad and not professional, but there are only a few of them and there is no guarantee that you will get to this particular “one”. As practice shows, we are approached by people who have become victims of freelancers. Let’s look at the cases that we had to deal with:

  • An unfinished project, due to a lack of professionalism or simply the freelancer did not have enough knowledge to complete it.
  • An unfinished project as in the example above, only the full payment for this project was taken without a refund.
  • Not reliable. Not responsibility. Failure to complete the task on time.
  • They do it “quickly”, the code is not well written, there is no education (self-taught).

Ask yourself, do you like reliability? Our studio guarantees reliability, professional approach. Our developers have a proper education, regular professional development, work with the latest technologies. All projects are carried out on time, taking into account all your wishes and pre-drawn technical specifications. By ordering a website from us, you get an attentive team that will hear you, understand, advise and study the specifics of your business. And you will be satisfied and sleep peacefully.

What does a quality website look like?

Quality is a loose concept and everyone is different. We develop websites from scratch, starting with the design of the project concept and ending with the site’s entry into the top 10 turnkey search engines. High-quality projects are those that are unique, load quickly, do not use unknown “cms”, cross-browser, that is, they are beautifully displayed on all types of screens and look correct in all browsers. They are written with high-quality texts, beautiful graphics and interesting selective content for your users.

What steps do you need to go through to complete the site development?

Let’s see what stages we have in the process of developing the site.

  1. Development of the concept of the site and its architecture.
  2. Design development, layout creation.
  3. Layout
  4. Injection of functionality.
  5. Filling the site with content.
  6. Optimization.
  7. Indexing.

What should I do if I want to order a quality site, but I don’t have time?

For our studio, this is not a problem at all, we face such situations every day. We will come to your meeting without any problems, sign a cooperation agreement, discuss all the details, get into the theme and specifics of your business, take into account all your wishes. We will do all the work for you. This is called a turnkey project. And at the end you will get a high-quality, uniquely beautiful website.

Can I order a website even if I’m from another country?

In fact, there are no barriers for us even if you are from another country. It’s not a problem, and it doesn’t matter where you are from. We will simply contact you in any convenient way on the Internet (zoom, viber, telegram, skype) at a time convenient for you. Your personal manager is assigned to you, who fully manages your project.

Ordered a website, but the web studio or freelancer didn’t finish it?

We will be happy to get acquainted with your project, analyze the amount of work done, and only after that it will be possible to say whether we will take up the revision or offer to do it again.

How much does a website cost?

The site is a kind of machine. Cars are completely different from the most simple and inexpensive to expensive and luxurious, where the design is like that of Ferrari and the designer takes both for the development of its design, and somewhere like in a Zhiguli :). The equipment itself (internal functionality) is the same for someone, everything is automated as much as possible, and someone does everything manually. It’s up to you to decide. The higher the requirement, the higher the price. You can calculate the cost of website development yourself in our website cost calculator.

How to order a website?

Write to us in one of the messengers and we will contact you and discuss the details. Our portfolio includes more than 30 developed online stores and 40 information sites throughout Ukraine. In it you can see the sites for which customers have given us their approval for publication.

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Bogdan Borkovskyi
Bogdan Borkovskyi
13:34 08 Dec 21
Работаю с парнями из этой студии не первый месяц, я интернет -маркетолог, и наше агентство создает проекты "под ключ". От себя скажу: *ТЗ выполняются четко, *Сроки работ чаще бывают быстрее оговоренных, *Правки и баги правятся сразу же, *Коммуникация оперативная. Потому рекомендую, а точнее скажу что можете смело работать с этой студией!
10:42 08 Dec 21
Я несколько раз обратился к ребятам этой студии для разработки различных элементов моего сайта.Вот что я заметил в работе с этими ребятами: вежливость и внимательность в общении; оперативное выполнение работы в оговоренных сроках; высокое качество работы;Следовательно, рекомендую!
Никита Завгородний
Никита Завгородний
12:24 07 Dec 21
Заказывали интернет-магазин под ключ. Все сделали отлично. Каждый пункт технического задания выполнен. Оперативность правок - просто вышка. Всегда на связи. Если Вам нужно что-то особенное по функционалу, то они постараться сделать все, что бы это заработало.Очень довольны их работой. Обращайтесь обязательно.
Armen Sargsyan
Armen Sargsyan
07:19 13 Oct 21
Пишу отзыв спустя 4 месяца после сдачи проекта. В течении этого времени были незначительные ошибки, но ребята сразу их исправляли. В целом все работает стабильно. Сотрудничаем дальше.
Олександр Божко
Олександр Божко
06:15 13 Oct 21
Заказывал интернет-магазин у ребят. Изначально думал где заказать сайт, так как хотел продвигать его по сео, поэтому для меня было важно при разработке учесть все моменты сеошника. Сделали в целом хорошо, все что обговаривали было сделано. По срокам справились за 3 месяца (обещали сделать за 2-2,5), но у меня особой срочности не было. Коммуникация хорошая. Рекомендую.
06:29 01 Oct 21
Работали с ребятами по разработке интернет магазина.Ранее уже был опыт, но было много багов на старом сайте. Решили делать новый, обошлось дешевле чем вкладывать в старый. Ими был предложен и прорисован дизайн, все нюансы, все правки которые вносились нами, были быстро внесены. Очень хорошо адаптирована мобильная версия. Сейчас работаем по оптимизации и продвижении.
Катя Катенька
Катя Катенька
17:58 07 Sep 21
Рекомендую к сотрудничеству. Работаю с Мирославом уже более 3 лет(доработка интернет магазина на openrcart, около 20 различных ТЗ), все выполнено согласно ТЗи в срок. Всегда на связи, что немаловажно. Будем продолжать работать.
Ирина Демченко
Ирина Демченко
11:36 31 Aug 21
Хочу сказать спасибо за разработку сайта, выполнение всех задач в установленные сроки и по брифу, ребята сделали все на высшем уровне, всегда были на связи, консультировали и помогали решить самые сложные задачи, в то время как другие разработчики взялись и ничего не выполнили! Сайт сделан, подключено много интеграций, все работает как часики, если возникают вопросы и новые задачи - все оперативно делается) однозначно рекомендую этих профессионалов своего дела!)
Рома Лев
Рома Лев
11:18 31 Aug 21
Хотим выразить огромную благодарность ребятам, которые сделали для нас сайт с нуля. Каждый пункт технического задания был выполнен на отлично, вносилось очень много изменений и правок, но в каждом моменте нам шли навстречу. Результатом очень довольны, поэтому конечно же продолжаем сотрудничать в целях внедрения нововведений в работу сайта. Спасибо, успехов вам!
Екатерина Лужецкая
Екатерина Лужецкая
18:32 29 Aug 21
Заказывала у ребят разработку интернет-магазина. Что могу сказать, я очень довольная, магазин сделали под ключ сразу с базовыми настройками для SEO (пока не планирую продвигать) но уже будет возможность это делать.Рекомендую, цена, качество и коммуникация на 100%.
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Frequently asked questions about creating a website

After completion of work on the site, we release your site into the index of the Google search engine (and Yandex, if necessary). After all pages are indexed, your site can be found in search results.
When developing, we make the layout responsive (responsive to each screen extension). Therefore, your site will be displayed correctly on all devices from small smartphones (320 px) to large screens (1920 px).
If you are faced with the development of the site for the first time, then our specialists have made it convenient for you to draw up a technical task using a brief. You will only need to answer the questions that we asked you. You can fill in the brief, it will take 10 minutes.
The term of work performance depends on the volume, complexity of the task before us and what type of site is being developed. If it is business card site or landing Page then our clients will receive a ready site 4 weeks after the start of cooperation. If it is catalog site or online store then the development of the site takes about 1-4 months.
Our studio works in 4 stages of website development, namely:
  • stage №1. Drafting/Approval of terms of reference and signing the contract.
  • stage №2. Design development.
  • stage №3. Website development.
  • stage №4. Testing of the project.
We offer several options for cooperation with us:
  1. Work in 3 steps:
    • 30% prepayment at the beginning of the project;
    • 40% after design approval;
    • 30% at the end of the project.
  2. Working in 2 steps:
    • 50% prepayment before the start of the project;
    • 50% after project completion.
We undertake to eliminate, free of charge, at the request of the client, errors and bugs in the operation of the site, if the scope of work to eliminate errors does not go beyond the terms of reference for the development of the site approved by the parties.