Почему OpenCart – лучшая CMS для создания интернет-магазинов?

One of the best free Content Management System (CMS) engines is OpenCart. And this decision is justified if you have to develop an online store website or create an online catalog with a wide variety of positions and sections.

In this article, we propose to discuss why OpenCart is the optimal platform for the implementation of catalog sites and online stores, clarifying its advantages over other CMS options. Its shortcomings will not be left out. Let’s start reviewing now!

What is OpenCart and why is it interesting for developers?

The system offers the user an open source code. With the help of the modules proposed by the developers, it is allowed to implement an extension of its standard features.

OpenCart is easy to manage, because its creators have done a lot of work on an intuitive interface. Even a novice webmaster will be able to build a simple online store on the platform. But in order for it to work without failures, you still have to delve deeper into the process or turn to a specialist for an adjustment.

A bit of history

For the first time, OpenCart became known when the demand for online sales was just being formed in the network. It was a distant 1999. The creators gave this name to the engine for a reason. If you refer to the translation, it means “Open Shopping Cart”. This phrase exactly deciphers the meaning of the system.

Despite the fact that the premiere took place in the 20th century, the project was not in demand for a long time. In 2000, they completely stopped the process of working on it. In 2009, OpenCart was waiting for a complete rebirth. The engine fell into the hands of an experienced developer Daniel Kerr from the UK, who set himself the goal of finalizing its imperfections and bringing it to a new level. The programmer did this not by chance: he not only saw it as a source of increasing his own income, but also understood that online trading had a great future.

Mr. Kerr rewrote CMS into the PHP programming language, giving it the opportunity to be completely reborn. The first version of OpenCart was written in Perl. Today, this engine is suitable for almost all sites specializing in e-commerce. These are both small e-commerce platforms and large-scale showcases with hundreds of sections of online catalogs.

On a regular basis, the project is being finalized, which makes CMS popular and in demand among the owners of online stores, as well as everyone who is interested in doing business on the worldwide web. If we turn to the exact statistics, for 2021, 1% of the total number of portals written on popular CMS worldwide operates on the OpenCart platform.

To understand what made the system so popular, read below about all the features of CMS OpenCart. Look at the picture how the engine looks visually.

Admin OpenCart

Why is OpenCart recommended for creating an online store?

The network has a consistently high level of competition among portals specializing in online trading, and in order to win top positions in search engines, their creators resort to SEO optimization. Virtual shopping projects based on the OpenCart engine are distinguished by good indexing, and if the specialist has chosen the right approach, there are high chances for a stable promotion of their positions in the top.

Turning to Lobster for help in developing an online store based on OpenCart, its owner will be relieved of the need to spend time comparing SEO indicators, as well as studying all aspects of the correctness of tagging, headings, mirror settings, etc. OperKart projects are “liked” by robots of existing search engines.

To achieve good SEO performance, the OpenCart platform is provided with a number of features:

  • A personal account block has been implemented, which makes it easier and more convenient to control the correct functioning of counters related to the analytical structure called “Google Analytics”;
  • there are fields for cards in which you can enter special tags for search engines – the way to fill them is very easy;
  • you can create headers for pages of unique formats without opening the source code of the engine;
  • implemented a manager for setting up independent redirect nodes;
  • You can close the page from indexing in 1 click.

In order to attract the maximum attention of search robots to the site on the OpenCart engine, the specialists of our Lobster studio resort to writing or using modules.

To develop sites based on OpenCart, our team uses the method of installing a comprehensive package of additional solutions. For example, ocStore. It includes a set of SEO modules with useful options. The main key decisions relate to the convenience of filling in information about the product in the relevant cards. This can be done in different languages ​​at the same time. This simplifies the task of specifying information about the manufacturer of the product, its name by the user. In aggregate, the time to manage the resource as a whole is reduced. With the help of a package of improvements, you can add tags for search engines on social networks.

Another reason why we install additional solutions based on OperKart is that our specialists implement the settings of certain parameters when placing an order by user groups, preliminarily distributing the audience of the customer’s site according to their interests. This solution will be appreciated by the owners of the online store, who are determined to improve the conditions for its use, because they get at their disposal an expanded set of opportunities for carrying out the procedure for paying for goods, while the option of calculating shipping rates is implemented, the taxation that is in force in the country and etc.

In general, it should be noted that the settings of the OcStore package are more advanced in contrast to the original version. This is a good option for the implementation of online trading projects in the vast Russian Internet.

The benefits of using OpenCart for stores and catalog sites

The engine is not only convenient and intuitive to use, available in a free version on the web, but also has a number of other advantages that predetermined its leadership in the niche of creating websites for online sales, namely:

  • open type code allows third party developers to create useful templates for the CMS;
  • the system supports multilingualism;
  • 1000 templates available (free access and subject to payment);
  • using modules of the built-in type, you can organize the work of an online store (without resorting to the services of specialists at the first stages of business development);
  • Wide integration with various services, a large selection of payment methods is provided;
  • low entry threshold for a simple admin panel.

And one more important point for many – you can count on the support of a large user community, whose members will always give advice on the development of CMS, regularly update topics, form a knowledge base and are ready to share their experience with newbies on the forums. Also, the customer of the Lobster studio can always ask our development team for help.

Examples of sites on OpenCart are presented in our portfolio.

Disadvantages of OpenCart

As mentioned above, we will not keep silent about the shortcomings of the OpenCart engine from the reader. The main disadvantage is the risk of getting problems when using or facing a security vulnerability when installing the necessary modifications or modules created by third-party developers. It is possible to avoid this disadvantage if you write modules yourself and do not deal with sources that do not inspire confidence.

It is also worth referring to the cons of OpenCart:

  1. The basic package has good functionality properties, but this does not give a reason to refuse to buy some paid extensions. For example, you will have to buy a callback option, since it is not included in the standard version. You can compensate for this minus if you write it on your own, but we must admit that not every programmer can do it successfully.
  2. There are problems with SEO, which are eliminated when adjusting the version, installing extensions. In this case, the help of Lobster specialists is indispensable.
  3. There may be errors in the operation of some modules. This is due to the update of the engine by the developers and the incompatibility of versions.
  4. The order form needs editing by a specialist. It contains a lot of unnecessary fields that can “frighten away” potential buyers.
  5. The load on the OpenCart server is high, problems are often fixed when adding more than 30 thousand positions in the catalog.

Nothing is perfect in our world, and OpenCart is no exception. Despite the shortcomings of the engine, it does not lose its leadership position, especially since if you have the necessary skills, you can fix the situation personally.

This engine is recommended for commercial solutions, but for informational sites it is not the best solution, because you can find a simpler system, for example, WordPress. Although there are cases when OpenCart is used for business card sites and news portals, and their creators are satisfied with their choice.

Where can I order a website on OpenCart?

Our company Lobster is ready to provide services for creating high-quality online stores and catalog sites on the OpenCart system . Website development studio specialists guarantee a high-quality website structure, which can help increase your income and ease of use of the store by potential buyers! You can apply for the development of an online store right now!

The timing of the projects will depend on the complexity of the task. But be sure that our team will help you quickly launch your online store or website with a product catalog.

Our specialists know how to make any online store selling, supplementing it with a cool design and creative content, technically optimizing the resource and providing users with ease of use in practice!

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