Как выбрать хостинг для интернет-магазина

Each site is a set of files, including text information, video, photos, pictures, database. In order for users to see any site on the Internet, it must be hosted.

Website hostingis an indispensable element of every website. This is a place on the hard drive of a computer with a powerful technical parameters, which will store all the information on your site. In simple terms, “hosting” is the rental of power and space on a computer.

Hosting is necessary for every site, without exception.

After all, the following parameters of your future online store will depend on a competently chosen hosting:

  • page loading speed;
  • Continuity in work;
  • The maximum amount of information allowed to be uploaded to the site (including photos, videos and text).

Therefore, being able to choose website hosting is worth a lot. So that your business on the Internet does not fail at the very beginning of its journey, we will tell you about all the intricacies of choosing hosting for the site.

What types of hosting are there

This process is somewhat similar to choosing any physical product. Remember how you choose ice cream in the store. Surely you pay attention to such details as:

  • flavor and ingredients;
  • wrap design;
  • size;
  • form;
  • price.

Hosting for an online storecertainly not ice cream, but the process of choosing it is also divided into certain stages. So, you have already created a website, you want to host it, what parameters should you pay attention to first of all? Now we’ll tell you everything!

Stop! Completely forgot, it is important to mention that there are 4 types of dedicated servers:

  • VDS. Virtual Dedicated Server is a virtual dedicated server. What does he represent? This is a large processor, which has high technical characteristics: a large amount of virtual and physical memory, the speed of the processor. This server hosts several tens or even hundreds of sites.

VDS differ in a convenient user panel. Manage all the files on the site will not be a problem. On the part of the provider, you will be provided with:

    • server uptime;
    • flexible tariff scale, for choosing the most comfortable accommodation according to the available budget;
    • the ability to purchase or receive a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate or domain as a gift.
  • The main disadvantage of a dedicated server is the inability to install third-party software on your hosting, as well as make any changes to the hosting functionality. The price of a VDS server per month depends on its parameters, on average it is from 230 to 1200 hryvnias.

    • VPS. Virtual Private Server. This is a dedicated private server. A kind of mansion in the world of website hosting. It compares favorably with VDS by the availability of making any changes to the hosting functionality by the user, as well as the availability of installing third-party programs on the hosting.

    To set up a VPS server, you will need certain knowledge, thoughtlessly clicking on the buttons will not work. In addition, due to its functionality, the cost of a dedicated private server is significantly higher than that of VDS hosting. Such hosting will cost an average of 600 hryvnia per month of use. In many ways, the price is formed based on the technical capacity of the server.

    • Cloud server. cloud server. It is somewhat similar to Virtual dedicated server, but differs in unlimited technical resources, including RAM, computing power, hard disk space. At the same time, at the request of the client, on this server, the power of any link increases at any time. The average monthly cost of a cloud server is 750 UAH per month.
    • Colocation. Colocation. This is a kind of hosting, which is also systemically very similar to VDS. However, in this case, the hosting provider provides the customer with a specialized room in its data center for the customer to install his personal equipment and a dedicated Internet channel. In simple words, this is a type of hosting for those who want to become a hosting provider themselves. The price of such hosting is on average 1200 hryvnia per month.
    • Hosting from ukraine.com.ua in the tariff plan “Site”. For only 109 UAH per month you are offered a server with 512 MB of RAM, 3 GB of hard disk space and a user-friendly user panel. Compared to the above hosting, this option is suitable for all owners of small online stores and websites.

    It is important to mention that all this is paid hosting. It is highly undesirable to use free hosting services, as a rule, they will provide you with limited functionality, and the servers will differ in very meager technical characteristics.

    How to choose website hosting based on its technical characteristics

    Finally, we move on to our previous question, what are the server characteristics for website hosting to consider. You will have to pay attention to the following server parameters:

    1. Uptime. This is the percentage of time during which your site or online store will function correctly on the hosting. The Uptime value must be higher than 99.94%. This indicator means that the hosting staff provides quality services for hosting sites on the server. In simple words, your site will be “idle” on such hosting for only a few minutes per month.
    2. RAM. Without a sufficient amount of RAM, which is at least 128 MB, the hosted site will not work correctly. Otherwise, freezes, slow opening of site pages, long loading of photos and videos uploaded to the server cannot be avoided.
    3. HDD. Everything is simple here, the amount of photos and videos posted on the site directly depends on the size of the hard drive on the hosting. A 1 GB HDD is enough for most cases, as video materials are rarely uploaded directly to dedicated hosting.
    4. The number of sites. This is the maximum number of sites that are installed on your dedicated server. As a rule, this indicator is limited only by the size of the HDD and the files loaded on it.
    5. HTTPS. This is the level of support for data transfer over a secure protocol. The presence of the HTTPS protocol on your site will indicate its reliability, the security of making online payments on it and the registration procedure with personal data.

    In addition, you should pay attention to such items as MySQL databases, server response time, support for the iPv6 protocol. But these points are conditional, take them as secondary. Let’s briefly consider each point:

    1. MySQL databases are database management software for site users. A database is just a set of structured information for each site user, which is located in one text file.
    2. Server response time is the rate at which the server communicates with the browser of any potential user of your site. The server response speed from a query in a search engine should be no more than 200 ms.
    3. The iPv6 protocol is a system for ciphering the IP address of each user of the site, which is characterized by special data security.

    Now we can smoothly move on to the question of which servers are needed for certain online stores, and by what parameters the online stores themselves are classified. Let’s consider everything in more detail.

    Which server to choose for a small, medium and large online store

    Before answering this question, it is worthwhile to figure out what kind of small, medium and large online stores they are. Everything related to the size of sites, whatever they are, directly depends on the number of their pages, as well as on the media materials placed on them (photos, videos, pictures, archives with media files).

    You need to understand that your online store can have thousands of pages, but they will have pictures of 100 Kb each. It happens the other way around, when the site has a couple of hundred pages, and each will have 1-2 photos per 5 MB. This is a subtle point that should always be considered in the process of choosing a website hosting.

    We will classify an online store only by the number of pages in it. Imagine that in each IM the size of one page is approximately 200 Kb.

    • large – over 5,000 pages;
    • medium – from 1000 to 5000 pages;
    • small – up to 1000 pages.

    Based on this, we will determine what hosting to choose for an online store.

    Hosting Tips

    There is no universal advice on which hosting to take for a competitive online store. You can choose the type of hosting individually based on your budget and personal preferences for the technical part of the server.

    As for universal advice, a good hosting should have approximately the following technical parameters:

    • Operating system (Linux x86-64);
    • RAM: at least 2 GB of RAM;
    • HDD: at least 500 MB of hard disk space;
    • Composer (latest stable version);
    • Web server: Apache 2.2 or 2.4, nginx 1.x;
    • Database: MySQL 5.6, 5.7;
    • Control Panel: cPanel, ISP Manager, Vesta, DirectAdmin.

    For online store management systems, such as: OpenCart, WooCommerce, Magento, these parameters will be enough. You don’t have to set up or buy anything.

    By the way, in order for your online store to work correctly on any website hosting, it is extremely important that all technical nuances are observed in it. Our company has been actively developing websites of any complexity for several years.

    We offer the creation of online stores on the Opencart platform.

    Why you should order the development of an online store from us

    Among the main advantages of working with our company are:

    1. Basic SEO optimization. We develop all online stores with basic SEO optimization, so that in the future you can promote your site.
    2. Fast site loading speed. Clients do not like to wait, so it is important for them that your site loads quickly.
    3. Customer orientation. Each project is carried out by our specialists taking into account the brief filled in by the client, which provides for all the technical aspects of the future online store.
    4. Deadline compliance. We carry out each project taking into account the deadline set by the customer for the delivery of the finished material.
    5. The ability to pre-evaluate the work. When ordering an online store for our customers, we offer an estimate, indicating all the technical features of the ordered site, planned work and their final cost.

    We can always get comprehensive advice on the right hosting for a specific site. We always recommend choosing hosting from Ukraine. And this is not just another advertising company, but an objective assessment of a Ukrainian hosting provider.

    Modern Ukrainian website hosting from ukraine.com.ua has the following advantages:

    • stable and trouble-free operation;
    • security, all personal user data is protected;
    • reliability for data storage, third parties will not know about your personal information;
    • a simple and understandable interface, both for developers and ordinary users;
    • Affordable price, the cost of hosting services “Ukraine” is much lower than similar services of a number of other hosting providers in Ukraine.

    If your online store needs hosting registration, you can safely turn to this company for help.

    You can order an online store with a lot of installed widgets, including online payment, from Lobster! We offer the creation of websites with a unique design, cross-browser layout, as well as valid code. We do not work with a carbon copy, but create websites from scratch.

    To start cooperation, it is enough to discuss what exactly you want from the received online store and any site. This will enable our specialists to more accurately select all the necessary web tools and complete the project as soon as possible.

    We have been creating websites to order for more than a year. We not only do the layout and install the design, but also actively provide our clients with services for setting up the site for hosting. Consultations for new clients are provided by our specialists for free! We are not chasing every penny, but we try to provide each client with the services they are interested in at a high level.

    An online store that opens correctly on all mobile devices and media gadgets, installed on high-quality hosting, is able to take your business to a new level. You will see this for yourself by placing an order to create a website from the Lobster studio right now.

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